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Yes! Don’t risk your cleaning deposit! Move out with confidence that you’re leaving your place cleaner than when you moved in. Moving in? We’ll let you move in with a clean slate! Call us for a quote.

Krystal Kleaning, LLC serves the following areas:


  • Florida
  • Goshen
  • Warwick

and surrounding areas.



  • West Milford
  • Greenwood Lake
  • Ringwood
  • Oak Ridge

and surrounding areas.

Don’t see your town?  Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-973-445-9205 for more information.

At Krystal Kleaning, we put the safety of our employees first. In the winter, road conditions may make it hazardous for our teams to travel, so we may need to reschedule. Chances are, if schools are closed in your area, we may not be able to come. We will make every attempt to reschedule that appointment for another convenient time.

In the summer, homes without air conditioning may be rescheduled on extremely hot days. Remember we’re working hard to get your home sparkling clean, and working in extreme heat can put the team in danger of heat stroke.

We would appreciate if you’d leave your air conditioning on during your scheduled appointment for us! Thanks!

Not without a good reason we wouldn’t! If we ever need to reschedule your appointment, be assured that you will receive advance notice and our best attempt at another convenient time.

We understand that sometimes life happens! If you should need to reschedule your appointment, 24 hours’ notice is appreciated. We do charge a $30 Lock-out fee to clients who do not provide 24 hours’ notice.

We arrive at your home ready to work, including bringing all of our own supplies. We use only professional-grade, environmentally safe cleaning products and equipment.

Payment is expected at time of service. We’ll provide you envelopes for your convenience. Please let us know when you’re running low on envelopes!

We accept cash or check. Please make all checks payable to Krystal Kleaning, LLC.

We will always honor the specific day mentioned in your agreement, but our scheduled arrival times may vary due to the number of appointments in the area.

While we love to see and engage with clients, it’s more efficient for us to clean your home if we’re not worried about disturbing you. We want you to come home and say, “Wow! Krystal Kleaning was here and what a difference!” We may not work as efficiently if we can’t have access to every room you need cleaned.

The following are not included in your service:

  • strip beds
  • laundry
  • clean litter boxes/clean up after pets
  • take out recycling
  • We’re happy to provide a free estimate. We take into consideration the size of your home, number of rooms, and other information you may have provided to us. Our general services include:

  • dust (all surfaces)
  • vacuum (including under furniture)
  • sanitize bathroom
  • sanitize kitchen
  • wash floors
  • wipe down countertops
  • empty garbage cans